Twitter Marketing And Promotion Tips

Twitter is the place where millions go for news and all types of other information. If you’re a Twitter newbie, the first thing you should know is that the length of individual Twitter posts cannot exceed 140 characters. Clearly there’s a reason for calling Twitter posting “micro-blogging.” The 140-character limit is set by default and is part of the site’s appeal — concision is encouraged and everyone gets information in mini-bits. Another thing the platform is good for? Twitter marketing. It provides a surprisingly level playing field for established businesses and those that are just starting out. Twitter has quickly become one of the most reliable places to get a business following.
Make the most of this free space to promote your business? If you’re unsure about how to get started, iClimber can help you out. Your Twitter account can be maintained with timely and pertinent posts so neither you, your brand, nor your business are left out of important public conversations.
Quick Recommendations for Twitter:

  • Have individual profiles for management leaders and a single one for the company
  • Be active and post relevant content to increase followers
  • Follow individuals/companies in your industry and those posting similar content — these are the folks most likely to follow you back; a 20 percent to 40 percent follow-back can be expected
  • Do not follow too many people at once: no more than 50-100 follows/day is best
  • Avoid repetitive messages, especially those promoting your website
  • Know that after the number of people following you reaches 2,000, if your “followers” are not within 10 percent of your “following,” you’ll be unable to add more friends — this threshold is in place to control spam — so sometimes it will be necessary to wait for more followers or to unfollow those that aren’t following you back
  • Include your Twitter address on your website, email footers, business cards, and company brochures
  • Check your account’s messages at least every few days and respond to them

If you request to have us manage your tweets (Twitter posts), your account will have anywhere from 40 to 150 posts per month, according to the service selection you make. These Twitter postings will typically consist of links to optimistic news stories relevant to your industry or links to your own blog entries and press releases. If you have a blog or website, you can also hire iClimber for article writing and content writing services. Besides tweeting about your articles and content, iClimber will also redirect to your staff any customer support questions made on Twitter.

The takeaway is that an active Twitter account is a known way to generate followers of your brand. If you would like to also create posts yourself, iClimber can provide a 30-minute training session over the phone to place you on the optimized track. Let us assist you in the sharpening of your marketing tools and chops.

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