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Tag Archives: Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga, First to Reach 20 Million Twitter Followers

Lady Gaga can’t be beat, not even by Justin Bieber. Gaga’s Twitter following has swelled beyond 20 million, a first for any Twitter…
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Will Millionaire Lady Gaga Pay More Taxes than Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg?

Thanks to her skills on stage and attention-grabbing personality and ensembles, Lady Gaga’s lavishly loaded. But despite the fantastic account balances the Lady…
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Lady Gaga and Eric Schmidt Invest in Backplane, a New Social Network

The new entertainment- and sports-focused social network in not up and running quite yet, but tidings of its forthcoming existence has just hit…
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Lady Gaga Reaches 10 Million Twitter Followers: Justin Bieber and Barack Obama Follow Closely

Lady Gaga has temporarily achieved Twitter Gold. On Saturday, for the 10th million time, a person on Twitter decided to follow her. At…
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