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RIP DIGG – Digg’s Overhaul Upsets Many

Digg was bought by Betaworks in July for half a million and some multimillion-dollar equity. John Borthwick, Betworks’ CEO, spearheaded the purchase. Betaworks…
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digg article by pierre zarokian

Digg Getting a New Look With Direct Help From Its Users

By Pierre Zarokian This year, around mid-July, Betaworks bought Digg, a once-hyped Web destination for news aggregation for, reportedly, half a million. Predictably,…
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Digg Launches New Android App

One week after the launch of the Digg iPhone app, the social bookmarking site announced the official Digg Android app is now available…
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Digg tests new ads

In an effort to improve ads on Digg, the social bookmarking site has launched new ads to a small percentage of its users…
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Digg Gets New Designer

Digg has announced that Jeffrey Kalmikoff will be stepping in later this month as the new director of design and user experience ,…
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Our CEO, Pierre Zarokian, to Speak on Social Media Marketing

Our CEO, Pierre Zarokian, will be speaking on Social Media Marketing on August 6, 2009 at Tech Super Club in Santa Monica, CA.…
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Digg Add-ons for Firefox

Digg This! 0.7 Digg This! 0.7 is Firefox add-on that Adds Digg This! to the right-click menu, Tools menu, and optionally the toolbar...…
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