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Britney Spears, Google+’s Ashton Kutcher

Britney Spears has done it again, and this time there’s no need for cloying interjections, the newly engaged singer gained the distinction of…
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Demi Moore Makes Public Her Intention to Divorce Ashton Kutcher; He Confirms News Via Twitter

Ashton Kutcher, who last week handed over the management of his Twitter account to an editorial team, reacted via that same account to…
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Ashton Kutcher Hands Over His Twitter Account

Ashton Kutcher has just declared himself overwhelmed with the responsibility of managing his popular Twitter account. Today, the actor published a blog post…
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Ashton Kutcher Thinks Social Media is “Like a Manifestation of God”

Ashton Kutcher, who, these days, is very much unironically being called a “social-media influencer,” has been gearing up for his return to television…
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