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Instagram is Verifying, Here’s How you Get It

Instagram announced an effort to simplify the verification feature that can help businesses earn trust. Now, the requirements for verification are well-defined. Also, the company will tell you whether you meet their standard. To get started, you must determine if you’re eligible to become verified. If you don’t meet specific criteria, you most likely will […]

Facebook and Instagram will release features that show how hooked you are

Facebook recently announced a number of new features coming to both Facebook and Instagram. The company will soon allow Facebook and Instagram users to access dashboards designed to help them monitor how long they spend on these apps each day. Simply knowing how long you poke around on an app for can be enough to […]

Submit Express Celebrates 20th Anniversary

October of 2018 will mark 20 years in business for Submit Express, our parent company.   “When I started Submit Express in 1998, I had no idea what the future would hold and that I would still be running the same company 20 years later,” says Pierre Zarokian, CEO of Submit Express. “It has been […]

iClimber is Offering new Instagram Marketing Services

We have just announced a new service for Instagram marketing that will help increase instagram followers and likes naturally. As you may have heard, Instagram no longer displays results based on the most recent posts, but rather based on what is the most active or what they think interests their users . The most important […]

Less Young People Driving, Social Media Blamed

Post by Pierre Zarokian This just in from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute: teens lose interest in driving the more they use social media and other forms of non-physical connection. At least these findings aren’t prompting any more pieces about how tweeting, facebooking, or texting is leading to more car accidents or deaths. […]

Pierre Zarokian Takes the Stage at Pubcon

Pubcon, which takes place during October 5-8th in Las Vegas, is the largest gathering of search marketing professionals in North America. Its speakers represent some of the biggest brands and names in marketing, including names like Disney and Guy Kawasaki. On the subject of reputation management, veteran search marketing professional and CEO of Reputation Stars […]

Pierre Zarokian and Search Engine Journal Discuss the Trouble with Yelp

Recently Pierre Zarokian, our CEO, wrote an article for Search Engine Journal about how a Restaurant with negative reviews decided to take on Yelp and just ask everyone to leave them negative reviews in return for food discounts. When Yelp was first conceived, the idea was to find local hot spots based on the tastes […]

Businesses Complain: Yelp is Forcing us to Pay for Positivity

Yelp’s FAQ page explicitly states that a user is unable to pay the company in order to preserve a pristine reputation. Why then is the FTC revealing 2,000 complaints that allege the company has been trying to sell exactly that idea? Yelp may say they separate the content and revenue side of the business, but […]

Yelp Sting Aimed at Fake Reviewers

The integrity of Yelp is about the only commodity the site has to attract repeat visits. The authenticity of the reviews posted there is important to consumers looking for new destinations for products and services. With a recent surge of fake and ineligible reviews hitting the site, CEO Jeremy Stoppleman has decided to speak authoritatively […]

Yelp Ordered to Surrender User Data by Virginia Court

A new ruling from the Virginia Court of Appeals is forcing Yelp to reveal the names of seven anonymous users that left bad reviews of a carpet care business. The ruling looks at the legitimacy of online reviews that cannot be verified through traditional means. Yelp currently allows users full posting rights as anonymous, believing […]