Burberry teams with Facebook on “The Art of the Trench”

Fashion line Burberry has joined the growing list of high-profile companies who have attempted to merge their high-end brand with the world of social media. The Guardian reports that Burberry has partnered with Facebook to create a new Web site called “The Art of the Trench,” featuring user-submitted pictures of people wearing Burberry trench coats.

Through the site, users can not only post their own photos but also share their photos and comment on other people’s shots. While the bulk of the content will be crowdsourced, the first set of pictures posted was from Scott Schuman of the fashion blog “The Satorialist,” the first of many planned collaborations between Burberry and fashion industry celebrities.

Along with pictures, the site details the history of the Burberry trench coat with pictures dating back to 1910. The site also has modern-day video and photo ads featuring top models such as Stella Tennant and Kate Moss.

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