“Quit Facebook” Campaign Fizzles Out

For all of the hubbub about the “Quit Facebook” campaign, Mashable reports that the actual impact was very minimal. According to the site, Monday was designated as “Quit Facebook Day” by people who are dissatisfied with Facebook’s recent changes to its privacy policy. However, only 34,000 people had actually vowed to leave Facebook permanently on Monday. This number does not show how many people said they would quit but didn’t or who signed up but never intended to quit.

As Mashable points out, the relative failure of the “Quit Facebook” campaign doesn’t mean that people aren’t concerned about potential privacy and safety issues with Facebook. It merely shows that Facebook has become an integrated part of people’s daily lives and something that most people are not willing to simply walk away from. While Facebook has sustained some PR damage from the dust-up over their privacy changes, it appears that it is a minor blip on the radar screen of the company’s move towards online ubiquity.

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