Zendesk Upgrades Twitter Integration

There is no denying that more and more consumers are using Twitter to vent about brands and customer service. Naturally, businesses are searching for ways to tap into the twittersphere and manage their reputations by responding to complaints. Zendesk has announced that users can now treat tweets like any other support channel, allowing businesses to leverage Twitter communications through Zendesk’s Web-based helpdesk software.

In a company blog post announcing the integration, CEO and founder of Zendesk Mikkel Svane wrote, “Being able to connect the twittersphere with your current customer service workflow is something we believe will change a lot of companies’ perception of Twitter.”

Companies can now use the software to pipe in tweets, feed DMs directly into their queues, and deal with them as regular tickets benefiting from the powerful workflow capabilities of Zendesk. This includes Twitter, which began using Zendesk as its support platform in early 2009. The new feature also allows users to record any Twitter conversation and move it from Twitter to email.

“A chaotic cloud of shouts and conversations can become the foundation of a new business process; one ensuring participation and clear and timely communications,” writes Svane.

Leena Rao of TechCrunch agrees that the integration makes sense. According to Rao, “Twitter has now become a centralized place for consumer conversations about brands and companies.”

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