YouTube Sensation Lana Del Rey Meets Mainstream Celebrity

Lana Del Rey, who likes to think of herself as a “gangsta Nancy Sinatra,” is the latest YouTube sensation to make it to the mainstream, but she’s still working out some of that transition’s kinks. Del Rey, whose off-stage name is Elizabeth “Lizzie” Grant, enthralled millions of YouTube viewers and has some impressive bragging rights when it comes to Internet fame and notoriety. She’s already performed on “Saturday Night Live” and has been on several magazine covers, like UK Vogue, to the dismay of quite a few.

Though the singer remains popular — the power of the social Web to generate interest is undisputed — some of the kinks the singer’s ironing out are major. For instance, she isn’t a very good live performer. This much was patently demonstrated during a January “SNL” show she appeared in: her singing and stage presence were unanimously panned. But music lovers and critics continue to write and show wordy consternation about what it is about the singer that irks and captivates. Perhaps it’s just her wavy hair.

For now, the same folks who propelled her music career forward on YouTube and indie blogs are the ones derailing her album tour. But given the immense interest audiences have shown, her second shot at touring can’t be too far off in the horizon.

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