How not to get banned by Twitter

Ever think back to that time you had finally settled on a winning first tweet for your long-before opened Twitter account but when you tried to log in to post you realized that your account had been suspended? What was that? you asked then, before briskly deciding on another sparkling and witty Twitter handle. Having chosen to proceed with the posting of your long-brooded-over tweet, perhaps at the time you didn’t feel especially put upon by that first brush with a Twitter suspension. However, with a flourishing Twitter marketing account, you might not like to think that some unsuspecting and careless mistake might bring forth another account closure. Here’s what to do so the next time you go to tweet you don’t find out that your account, or a smarty-pants nom de net, that’s been snatched away.

First off, do everything you can to adhere to the rules and regulations established by the DMCA, which is no rap group, but 1998’s very seriously minded Digital Millennium Copyright Act. And, yes, it’s quite the tallish pile of papers to read, but it’ll keep you in the clear of many unpleasantries related to copyright violations. Eeek!

Next piece of advice: there are a number of marketing methods and practices that can be easily mistaken for spamming, which, being the big no-no that it is, should be avoided at all costs. If Twitter suspects your account of spamming it will close it down, there’s no doubt about that, so stay away from promoting methodologies that produce outcomes with too-strong a semblance to spam.

The third recommendation is to keep prudence in mind when you meddle with another attribute of your Twitter account that is being monitored: your rate of Following and Unfollowing. Circumspection is recommended because any actions in the matter that are too blatantly sudden, like unfollowing thousands of users with a few hours, or days, may lead to your account being shut down. It is a heavy(ish) open-hand that Twitter wields so take care it does not strike down on you or your projects.

Finally, the updates you make should not consist solely of links. Bald links are never good. If you want to post many links, you can do so, but make sure to personalize them with tidbits that characterize them as belonging to, or at least originating from, a real person and not a robot.

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