Using Social Networking for the greater good

Social networking is most commonly used for both personal and professional gain, so it is surprising when someone uses it to help others. After much input and discussion from friends on her Facebook account, Carolee Harazard of Menlo Park was prompted to raise money for a Silicon Valley food bank, reports

Harazard sought the advice of her Facebook friends after she helped a stranger in need at the grocery store. The stranger was a woman ahead of her in line, who realized she had lost her wallet when it came time to pay her bill. In a gesture of kindness, Harazard stepped forward to front the bill—an amount of $207.29. Later that day, after the stranger found her wallet, she wrote Harazard a check for $300, suggesting that she treat herself to a massage with the leftover cash. This is when Harazard turned to her Facebook friends. Immediately, friends suggested that she give the money to charity. And since the entire story began in a grocery store, they chose Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara. After Harazard decided to match the $93, friends began pitching in their own $93, and eventually she raised $1309.90 and almost $1,000 more in pledges.

“It’s just amazing,” said Second Harvest spokeswoman Lynn Crocker. “The money is very significant. But on a personal level, to be so generous to a stranger, and the stranger reciprocates, it just warms my heart. It shows me that the majority of people are decent and kind and loving.”

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