User Pictures and Names Come Off of LinkedIn’s Social Ads

It’s the last stretch of August and everybody’s out of the office — except yours truly, clearly — trying to cease all the promise of summer in the last few days of vacation. Given the twenty-something diurnal number all the calendars are proclaiming, it seems only to be expected that despite its immaculate primness and consistently great grasp for respectability, LinkedIn is the social network that’s easiest to forget come this time of year. That’s mostly because even the most novice of job hunters knows that it’s important to send out one’s resumes and profiles when the recipients are likely to be in the office.

But people are still paying attention to other things in the network. It was not quite two weeks ago that LinkedIn blogged an announcement concerning its decision to scrap its then-current iteration of social ads. The major issue was user complaints about the prominent placement given to user portraits and names in advertising for followed products and companies. The new version of these ads will omit user photos and names; instead, the ads will alert users to the persons in their network that following or recommending a certain product or company. Seems loyal users have a reason to sound a fanfare for their favorite space of professional connection:

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