Twitter Tweets Fluther

Twitter announced Wednesday that it has acquired the brains behind Fluther, Inc., a Q & A website that connects people who have questions with those who have the answers.

Through its acquisition of the Fluther team, the popular micro-blogging site is welcoming four engineers and one designer — Ben Finkel, Andrew McClain, Tim Trueman, Richard Henry and Cameron Dutro.

According to Twitter, the product is not part of the deal and will remain separate from Twitter.

“We are thrilled to be joining such a fantastic company and to have the opportunity to participate in the next stage of Twitter’s growth,” wrote Finkel and McClain in a post on the Fluther blog.

“Thank you to everyone who helped Fluther grow from an idea into a thriving community with over a million visitors a month. We’ll have more details about the state of Fluther in the coming weeks.”

The new team will be responsible for “helping users discover the most relevant content on Twitter.”

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