Twitter to Release New Study

Businesses large and small have jumped on the Twitter bandwagon for product promotion and other innovative reasons. In an effort to examine how and why businesses use Twitter, the social networking and micro-blogging service is conducting an in-depth study which is soon to be released, according to the company blog.

“We’re beginning to discover the value that customers and consumers are getting from businesses who use Twitter in smart and interesting ways,” wrote co-founder of Twitter Biz Stone.

For example, a small bakery uses Twitter to send out a tweet that the cookies just came out of the oven and local followers head on over to purchase the freshly baked cookies. Most recently–and perhaps a better example of how businesses can get creative with Twitter–Best Buy developed a program called Twelpforce. The new program allows employees to interact quickly and easily with customers who have inquiries about the products. According to Twitter, although this is a different approach, it is a smart one. Best Buy’s method helps to build trust and fosters a satisfied, informed costumer.

By studying how costumers and businesses interact and utilize its services, Twitter has collected findings, use cases, and best practices. “We’re putting together a document based on our studies and we’ll find a spot on our web site to share it with everyone when it’s ready,” wrote Stone.

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