Twitter Offers New User Guide for Businesses

After conducting a series of in-house studies to discover how the popular micro-blogging service was being used by businesses, Twitter has published its findings in a new suite of web pages called “Twitter 101: A Special Guide.” The new guide, designed for Twitter newbies and veterans alike, includes steps for getting started, best practices, interesting findings, and much more.

For users who are new to Twitter, the new manual provides an easy-to-read introduction to its services as well as a brief overview about how businesses use Twitter. From there, users can find out more about getting started, which includes steps for signing up for an account, finding relevant people and companies to follow, and posting your first message. Users can also use the handbook to learn Twitter jargon such as retweets (RT), Tweetup, and hashtags (#).

For veterans, the special guide offers a look into the most profitable ways to use Twitter, followed by real examples from companies such as Dell, JetBlue, American Apparel, and Pepsi. In addition to the special guide, users can also view a downloadable slideshow, which can be utilized by companies as a training tool to give presentations about Twitter.

Of the new guide, Co-founder Biz Stone wrote on the company blog, “We’re focused on enhancing value across Twitter in general—these documents are just a first step.”

While there has been a lot of hype about how businesses use Twitter these days, according to Matt McGee of Search Engine Land, this is Twitter’s “first major outreach to business users.”

To access the guide, users can find a link called Business at the bottom of every page on Twitter.

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