Twitter Benefits from Google Real-Time Search Integration

At first glance, there were few surprises in the most recently released comScore numbers, which showed that Google had solidified its dominance in the search engine market and stabilized in-roads made by competitors (specifically Microsoft Bing). However, a closer look reveals that one of the big winners from the past few months of activity has been social media site Twitter — and they might have Google to thank for it.

Twitter’s site traffic rose nine percent from December 2009 to January 2010 — which happens to be the period when Google integrated real-time search of sites like Twitter into their results. LeeAnn Prescott at Digital Beat doesn’t think this is a coincidence. She also thinks that the numbers bode well for Twitter on the heels of the recent launch of Google Buzz.

“However, this new data is encouraging for Twitter — it is maintaining its US share while growing internationally and growing the use of its service on third-party applications through its APIs,” she wrote. “With a completely open social network where users can have as much control as they want over the amount of personal information they share, Twitter has got a lot going for it over Google Buzz.”

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