Twitter and Facebook the New Nielsen?

Twitter rankings and Facebook Likes have been all the rage for some time now. If someone isn’t bragging about the number of followers or Likes they’ve so far accumulated, they’re probably busy (breathlessly) citing as proof of importance the number of followers someone else has been piling up. Although there’s hardly a soul left who’s not yet taken note of the accommodating nature of Twitter and Facebook data for ranking purposes, there aren’t very many trying their hand at what is trying to do: provide TV ratings from the perspective of social media.

Hailing from Brooklyn and founded by Sean Casey, has come up with Social 100, a ranking of what’s most popular on TV according to an analysis of Twitter and Facebook comments. Social 100 is published once a week. A “snapshot” of last week’s audience, as created by the start-up, consists of a total of 966,261 unique watchers who posted 2,305,128 comments about 1,930 TV programs. (Only comments posted while the programs are on are counted.)

Mr. Casey has said that these numbers will prove vital to TV producers when it comes time to figuring out audience tastes and ways to elicit responses from viewers. He’s has also stated his awareness of the potential of social networking to tie viewers together through commenting and shared watching. Beyond that, it seems the Brooklyn people are trying to give the Nielsen ratings a run for their money.

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