Twitter’s 2009 Top Trending Topics List

Twitter has released its 2009 Top Trending Topics list, revealing the most popular topics and issues that captured the world’s attention over the past year. Coming in as the most prevalent topic among all keywords, hashtags and phrases were the Iranian elections. The terms “#iranelection,” “Iran” and “Tehran” were all in the top 21 Trending Topics with “#iranelection” finishing second behind the regular weekly winner “#musicmonday.”

In messages of 140 characters or less, the top three people most tweeted about in 2009 were Michael Jackson, Susan Boyle and Adam Lambert. Other people that made the top ten list included Chris Brown, Tiger Woods and Christian Bale. Within the movie category, “Harry Potter,” “New Moon” and “District 9” made the top three spots. Other movies that made the top ten list included “Star Trek,” “Paranormal Activity” and “Slumdog Millionaire.” The most popular technology topic in 2009 was the Google Wave, while the hottest TV topic was “American Idol.”

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