Today Is Dump GoDaddy Day

December 29th is Dump GoDaddy Day. That’s today, so will you be joining in the celebrations? The “holiday” came about at the insistence of SelfProdigy, a Reddit user who was very troubled by GoDaddy’s early backing of SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act. The bill is currently being reviewed by the House Judiciary Committee. If SOPA passes, responsibility for content uploaded to a site, in violation of copyright laws, will be thrust onto the shoulders of the site owners, be that Facebook, YouTube, or their tech peers.

Before kicking off Dump GoDaddy Day, SelfProdigy informed GoDaddy of his disapproval of their position with regard to SOPA. GoDaddy responded to SelfProdigy’s criticism with a “generic letter,” which only served to further enflame SelfProdigy’s indignation. In an interview with Fox News, SelfProdigy said: “My heart was broken. I’ve used them for years. I didn’t like the generic letter they sent back to me so I posted a call to boycott. I didn’t know it would catch on the way it did.”

After Dump GoDaddy Day went viral, GoDaddy releases a public statement abandoning its previous stance and proclaiming that it no longer supported SOPA. GoDaddy apparently wanted to stay on the side of the “internet community” when all the SOPA hullaballoo blew over. But many are saying it’s more than a little too late because GoDaddy registrations are already being “dumped.” Four days ago, 72,000 GoDaddy registrations had been lost. GoDaddy spokesperson, Danica Patrick, appears above.

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