Three Time-Saving Social Media Tools

With so many social media services like Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and others, it’s surprising that users have the patience to update each of these sites separately. According to PC World, however, there are many new tools called social media aggregators that allow users to keep track of the streams from any and all of the most popular social networking sites—all in one location.

Although there have been a slew of social media aggregators in recent years, writes Adam Pash, many of them don’t always do the job. The following are three that, according to PC World, “fulfill the promise of social media aggregation most completely: Streamy, Flock, and FriendFeed.”

Streamy: A single Web site that brings all of your favorite social media sites to one place as well as features blogs and instant messaging tools.

Flock: A desktop application or Web browser that integrates seamlessly with over 20 social media sites, including Delicious, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, MySpace, YouTube, and Gmail.

FriendFeed: One of the first social media aggregators, FriendFeed brings together 58 different social services updates.

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