Social Networking Service Foursquare Continues to Grow

The Los Angeles Times reports that the social networking service Foursquare is still going strong despite Facebook’s rival product launch of Places.

Since the launch of Foursquare in March 2009, the location-based mobile platform has more than doubled its number of users to 7.5 million and adds about 35,000 users daily, according to the article. However, when Facebook launched a similar product in August 2010, called Places, many believed that the more than half a billion users would destroy Foursquare for good.

But according to co-founder Dennis Crowley, the company is experiencing two million check-ins per day.
“We are trying to do something different than what Facebook is trying to do. We are trying to change the way people experience the physical world so they will go out and actively explore more,” Crowley told the Los Angeles Times.

Foursquare allows users to share their location with friends by checking in via a smartphone app or SMS. Through Foursquare’s platform, users can find places to go and things to do based on what they like, where they are, and the types of places they’ve checked-in.

The location-based mobile platform is also helpful for merchants and brands. Companies can utilize Foursquare to obtain, engage and retain customers and audiences.

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