Social media marketing not impacting women

If marketers are trying to use social media to research potential female customers, a recent study suggests that they might want to rethink their tactics. The results of a study conducted by Q International show that only 25 percent of women asked said that recommendations or information found on social media sites had a significant impact on a recent purchasing decision.

This is despite the fact that more women than ever are active on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, with 75 percent of all female respondents saying they are more active at social media sites than they were a year ago. 20 percent of female respondents said they check social media sites throughout the day, while 34 percent said they check at least once a day.

“What the survey shows is the fact the tools and methodologies to advertise to consumers in the social environment are different,” said Matt Wise, CEO at Q Interactive. “A huge number of brands are missing that point. They are deferring to what they’ve used in the past, which are banners, display ads, or static newsletters, or maybe they’ve created a single video and think, ‘I’m engaged in the social environment.'”

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