Social Media Efforts Improve Grammy Awards’ Ratings

Today, the producers behind the Grammy Awards show are congratulating themselves and toasting the 40 million TV viewers that tuned in Sunday night to watch Adele win six Gramophone statuettes. They’re also understandably reeling, like pretty much everyone else in the industry, from the unexpected death of six-time Grammy award winner Whitney Houston, who passed away Saturday.

In fact, many point to Houston’s death as the unintended prong that hooked all those millions into watching the show. It seems that the 2012 viewership doubled the numbers of the 2011 Grammys, and even beat the massively popular Super Bowl XLVI in terms of social media commentary, at least according to Bluefin Labs, a research company from Cambridge, Mass., that studies such relations.

CBS, the TV network that aired last night’s music awards show, is claiming to have been deeply engaged in sparking off online interest for the show. Those performing, receiving awards, or simply in attendance were encouraged to discuss the show in all the social media outlets they participate in. Apps for the iPhone and iPad were also created by the network and it’s saying that these pulled in a million users, approximately. Critics, on the other hand, are carping about the lack of a 2012 Grammys online streaming and the delayed broadcast for the West Coast.

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