SEC backs off of social media ban

After receiving criticism for its proposed ban on social media updates from its games, the Southeastern Conference has backed off and revised its regulations – to a point. The SEC had previously announced that fans would not be allowed to update sites such as Twitter or Facebook with real-time updates or images from games they were attending. But a backlash from sports and tech media has seemingly forced them to change their policy.

As Mashable reports, they are now allowing fans to post social media updates from games – with the exception of posting live video from games. The SEC says this is to protect its broadcast partner CBS – which holds exclusive broadcast rights for many of the top SEC football and basketball games. Of course, it’s doubtful that grainy, 15-second footage taken from a cell phone camera is going to make someone not watch a game live on TV. But the policy certainly is a lot more reasonable than the draconian methods the conference had previously attempted to institute.

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