SAS Institute Launches Social Media Analytics

SAS Institute, a leader in business analytics software and services, announced Monday a new social media solution designed to help medium and large companies understand, predict and act based on social media data.

According to the company announcement, SAS Social Media Analytics allows businesses to archive and analyze more than two years of social media conversations from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, discussion forums, blogs and more. SAS Social Media Analytics tells marketers what people think about their products or brands, who is influencing them and how social media conversations affect business results.

“Consumers are online right now talking about your products and services, their experience, and their likes and dislikes. Smart marketers aren’t just listening to online chatter; they are analyzing it to better focus resources and build engagement and loyalty,” said Mark Chaves, Director of Media Intelligence solutions at SAS. “SAS Social Media Analytics helps marketers combine data from online conversations with other data to build a more complete picture of each customer. And then use these analytically driven insights to predict and act.”

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