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Pinterest’s Ben Silbermann Speaks

Tom Simonite, a senior IT editor at MIT Technology Review, recently interviewed Ben Silbermann, Pinterest’s CEO and co-founder. The interview gives a glimpse at how company brass envisions the monetized future of the hugely popular, and still young, site. It seems everyone is using Pinterest — amateur chefs, First Lady Michelle Obama, designer-types putting together […]

Facebook’s Graph Search Unveiled

What did Facebook’s January 15th media event unveil? Graph Search. It’s exactly what it sounds like, even that whispered allusion to Google Search that you’re considering. After all, couldn’t they have chosen another word that didn’t start with a ‘G’? In any case, search for your own Facebook content, and the Facebook content of others […]

Business Owner Sues Negative Yelp Reviewer

The ability to post a negative review about a business’ products or services might come with a heavy price tag. In fact, writing a negative review on websites such as Yelp could get you sued. NPR reported this week that a business owner sued a previous client for defamation because of the things she wrote […]

Twitter’s Inaugural Fiction Festival

This year, Twitter put together it first Fiction Festival. The celebration kicked off November 28th and ended this past Sunday, December 2nd. Those participating in the festivities seemed to have had a great time, but, in any event, the Fest was an excellent opportunity for Twitter to promote itself. Like every other player in the […]

Artist Engineers a Numberless Facebook

Most people have a keen appreciation for the metrics-driven nature of social media platforms like Facebook. Folks like Benjamin Grosser, an MFA candidate studying New Media at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, are no different, they just prefer putting a different spin on the whole matter. Grosser, who studied music and composition before turning […]

Tweet Your Questions to the Pope?

The Pope is going to where the followers are: Twitter. If you’ve got some burning questions to ask the Bishop of Rome, Catholicism’s holiest of holiest, mark your calendar for December 12. That day, Pope Benedict will begin tweeting on his just-established personal Twitter account. He’ll be going by @pontifex, and a peek into the […]

Social Media Minder for NYT Reporter

When over 1 billion people have a Facebook account, the radically efficient reach of social media hardly astounds anyone, but the unexpected consequences it continues to churn out are another matter entirely. On the social Web, even wizened media elites have their fair share of rude awakenings — look no further than The New York […]

Obama Victory Tweet Breaks Record

President Barack Obama won his 2012 battle for re-election. To fête the historical victory, besides the big party in Chicago, a presidential tweet was sent out, naturally. That tweet, a snapshot of the President embracing First Lady Michelle Obama and three resounding words, “Four more years,” has now topped Mediabistro’s list of Most Retweeted Tweets […]


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On Facebook, More Women Than Men Say They Voted

In California, like everywhere else, the constant election coverage of the past few months has reached the long-awaited peak of its frenzy: it’s Election Day! Today, as in the run-up, the social Web has been present through it all. Over at Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg’s acolytes put out a nifty U.S. map showing, in real-time, as […]