Oprah Fields Questions on Facebook Live in Exchange for Answers About Social Media

Got something to ask Oprah? Courtesy of Facebook Live, next Thursday might be your best chance to receive an answer. On September 8th, the lady herself will be sitting for a one-hour-long, live-streamed interview. Beginning 1:30pm (PT) go to http://on.fb.me/fblivehq to see and hear Oprah Winfrey speak. She will be answering some of the questions posted on the event’s Facebook page. If you have a pressing question for Oprah, write it on the event’s wall: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=251369618236031.

One of the most recent questions posed came from Harriet A. Humes. She asks:

Hi Oprah! I miss you on ABC. It’s just not the same without you. I was wondering, since I know you are a fan of All My Children, had you ever thought about bringing the show to your network? Prospect Park is suppose to be putting it online but it would be fabulous if you got the show for the O Network.

There’s no doubt that people connect with Oprah, but since her show’s gone off the air, the strength of that connections seems to be diminishing. The New York Post is reporting that in addition to the Facebook interview, Oprah will also be holding a meeting, at Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s home, no less, with top brass from the likes of Twitter, LinkedIn, and Demand Media. The Post is saying that Oprah wants to learn about the “future of the web,” and “how best to harness social media.”

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