On Twitter, On Valentine’s Day, It’s a Woman’s World

It’s that special day in February — the one where colorful, if chalky, tiny candy hearts are passed out along with frilly chocolate boxes, flowers, and hastily written love notes! In honor of Valentine’s Day, the folks over at NM Incite, a division of Nielsen/McKinsey, decided to study how conversation about the holiday looked and sounded on Twitter.

What was uncovered? Surprise, surprise: female Twitter users are a bit gabbier than their male counterparts when discussing Valentine’s Day, and they also evince a more positive outlook about the holiday than men. Cue in melodramatic griping about the want of equity in the division of the pecuniary burdens of dating.

Though NM Incite’s conclusions line up with cultural expectations (to the chagrin of a few), those who revel in reinforcing conventional wisdom will have extra ammo this year while pontificating before skeptical friends on the topic — a tidy infographic NM Incite created to accompany its findings.

By the data sifter’s account, after combing through 70,000 tweets posted between Feb. 10 and Feb. 12, they realized that women mentioned the holiday at a rate that nearly doubled that of men. Another nugget: it seems that 36 percent of the sample women twitterers find themselves dateless this Tuesday; the figure is 25 percent for men. NM Incite’s advice: take a breather from Twitter (and ask someone out).

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