On Facebook, More Women Than Men Say They Voted

In California, like everywhere else, the constant election coverage of the past few months has reached the long-awaited peak of its frenzy: it’s Election Day! Today, as in the run-up, the social Web has been present through it all. Over at Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg’s acolytes put out a nifty U.S. map showing, in real-time, as people on Facebook share with the world that they voted. The map breaks down Facebookers’ responses by state, by age group, and by time. Keep in mind that this is Facebook sharing, and not an official vote count.

To celebrate the call of citizenship, Facebook sent its users a prompt asking if they voted. So far, more than 7.5 million people have answered in the affirmative and put on what might be called a Facebook “I Voted” sticker. The most striking thing about the map is that women have been outnumbering men, almost two-to-one, throughout the day.

Still, as the end of the workday nears, many more Americans will be rushing out to the nearest polling booth line to cast their vote for the next president of the United States. Will President Obama be re-elected? Will former Governor Mitt Romney come out ahead? Some folks are already bracing for a split decision. Check out the Facebook map, while you wait for those coming out after 8 p.m., by going here: http://www.facebookstories.com/vote.

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