NHL uses social media to bring fans closer to the game

The National Hockey League is attempting to make the fan experience more interactive on its NHL.com Web site. The NHL has added a host of social media features as a way to capture new fans and create a more rewarding experience for hardcore hockey fans.

For example, as part of the post-game recaps, fans can see “fan views” featuring pictures and videos captured inside the arena, in the hopes of giving a fan who didn’t attend a game a better feeling for the experience of being there live, and perhaps entice them to attend a future game to get the same experience.

“Social networks aren’t about Web sites. They’re about experiences,” said Mike DiLorenzo, director of social media marketing and strategy for the NHL. “Blogs are the original social networking tool. They bring a voice and perspective to the NHL media property that may not currently exist. We’re trying to encourage more of our users to write about their favorite team and inspire more dialogue.”

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