New Study Reveals How Marketers Gain Attention on Facebook

As more companies utilize Facebook to promote their brand, competition to attract users becomes fierce. So how do marketers stand out from the sea of rival brands? According to a new study released by social media marketing firm Virtue, they can do this by using a photograph instead of a video and posting their message on Friday morning.

After examining engagement rates — including comments and “likes” — for posts published by consumer brands’ “fan pages,” Virtue found that posts with photographs get 22 percent more clicks than video posts and 54 percent more clicks than text-only posts.

Along with preferring images over video and text, the study found that Facebook users are more likely to click on a post before noon. Messages posted before lunch time get clicked on 65 percent more often than those published after. And Fridays are the best days, while weekends the worst.

In a recap of the study published in, Peter Kafka reminds readers that the “data varies depending on who is doing the posting.” For example, companies such as P&G don’t do well when they post messages on Wednesdays, while restaurants such as McDonalds and Subway do best on Wednesdays.

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