Myspace TV Coming to a Tablet Near You?

Justin Timberlake-endorsed Myspace is back on the scene, and it just may have beaten Apple and Google to a big consumer good: TV on the Web. Specific Media, Myspace’s current owner, issued a public statement concerning company plans to make the service available by early this year. Their idea is to offer network and cable content on any device with a screen and an Internet connection. The big announcement was made at the Consumer Electronics Show going on right now in Las Vegas, Nevada. In a subsequently published press release, company scribes say that the first channels to be offered by Myspace’s new service will tap deep into Myspace’s immense music video library.

Despite the ambitious date for service launch, Specific Media CEO Tim Vanderhook was open about the fact that deals with television content providers were still being sorted out. Details about what fees consumers will be expected to pony up for the service are still hard to come by. Sticking to its social network roots, Myspace TV will be outfitted with features permitting easeful shared “virtual viewing,” meaning you’ll be able to watch TV with friends in faraway places at the same time, and talk about it online as if you all were sitting next to each other on a TV couch of yore.

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