MTV Looking for First “Twitter Jockey”

Do you love Twitter and pop culture? If so, MTV might have the perfect job for you. The Associated Press reports that the cable network is looking to hire its first-ever “TJ” – otherwise known as a “Twitter Jockey.” The TJ would engage the MTV audience via Twitter along as serving as a liaison between MTV executives and the Twitterverse.

According to MTV general manager Stephen Friedman, creating a “Twitter Jockey” position was a natural fit, since MTV’s audience is highly involved in social media.

“The response from our audience to moments going on through our content create this ripple, globally, and it’s helped us,” Mr. Friedman said. “It helps us with ratings, it helps us inform the interests and the passions of our audience.”

“Half our staff is on Twitter,” Mr. Friedman added, “so why not have someone in-house? Why don’t we make it a full-time job, pay a real six-figure salary, and have someone who’s got great writing skills and an ability for sharp, concise, smart interaction with our audience?”

The position will be filled from a pool of 20 potential candidates, with hopefuls having to complete a series of online challenges over the summer. The winner will be revealed at a live show on August 8, with the network’s online fans choosing the winner.

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