More Facebook Litigation: Another Actor Enters the Fray

The battle rages on between Facebook and Google. Meanwhile, this connected story has been extensively covered recently, and quite periodically over the last few years, but it’s not appearing here again because of the editorial fun to be had in selecting the many distinctive poses that the Winklevoss twins, both Olympic athletes, are capable of giving the press.

In fact, the case seems to be that Facebook’s growth and seemingly set path to ever greater popularity, power, and reach keep surprising everyone — users, media observers, and the very people who ever had anything at all to do with its origins — to the point that to not try to get a piece of it begins to look like the dumbest move ever.

So what’s going on now? Chang v. Winklevoss, coded SUCV2009-05397, has arrived. That is to say, Wayne Chang, a software developer in Boston, former owner of i2hub Organization, and a once — but to a debatable extent — business associate of Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, has been granted the right to proceed with his suit against the twins, ConnectU (their company), and Howard Winklevoss and Divya Narendra — both shareholders. Chang is arguing that is owed a part of the 2008, $65 million settlement reached between the Winklevoss brothers and Facebook. The cut Chang is filing for is fifty percent. As for the twins, they’re still trying to get out of the settlement themselves in order to be able sue later for an even bigger piece of Facebook.

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