Microsoft Unveils New Social Media Tool

Microsoft announced today a new test project called Spindex, designed to aggregate social media streams, making it easier for users to find new information, view customized trending topics and get the most out of their social media experiences.

Currently in its early stages, Spindex offers users an overview of the entire social media world, allowing them to simultaneously connect and interact with multiple networks on one page. For example, users can find articles and content based on personal interests in their friends’ messages and comments. The new tool also allows users to keep track of the information they are saving via Evernote.

According to Microsoft, “Spindex is not just a social reader — as you browse your friends’ updates, Spindex continually suggests related content from Bing — giving you better insight into the topics and trends spinning around you.”

As the latest test project within Microsoft’s FUSE Labs, Spindex is available in early technical preview form.

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