Microsoft and Google Turn to Social Media in Search Results Spat

Microsoft has gone on the offensive against Google in their heated war over accusations of search engine plagiarism. Google recently announced the results of a “sting” operation which it claims shows that Microsoft is stealing search engine results from Google for its Bing search engine. While Bing Vice President Harry Shum has defended the company against the charges, other Microsoft spokespeople are taking their case to social media.

Microsoft communications head Frank Shaw made a series of Twitter posts today which called out Google on a variety of levels. Shaw accused Google of publicizing the alleged plagiarism in order to “change the subject because they’re under investigation in the US and Europe for manipulating search engine results.” He also pointed out that Google collects user data through Chrome and Android – a process which Microsoft said explains similar search engine results that Bing has with Google.

Google responded with a post on their company blog entitled “Microsoft Bing uses Google search engine results – and denies it” which lays out their case against Bing. This led to a series of snarky back-and-forth posts involving Shaw and Google search head Matt Cutts. It looks like things will get much more interesting and continue to play out in public before this is settled.

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