LinkedIn Releases “Apply with LinkedIn” Button

Since its big debut as a publicly traded company, news from LinkedIn has been on the wane. Luckily, this week, signs of life not having to do with the most current stock price finally surfaced: LinkedIn has a new button, and true to its careerist commitments, the button will provide an exceptionally simple way for LinkedIn-sters to apply for work. All they’ll need to do to apply will be to press a button. The button’s name is “Apply with LinkedIn.”

Companies that are hiring will now be able to place the “Apply with LinkedIn” button and through that, job applicants can submit their LinkedIn profile information. Netflix and Photobucket are two companies that are using the button as a recruiting tool. The more senior “Apply Now” button at LinkedIn will remain in use. Job seekers will certainly appreciate the new feature’s directness and ease of use. They’ll also be glad to know that even after pressing the “Apply with LinkedIn” button, they’ll still be able to make any last-minute, necessary changes to any part of their profile before submitting their application.

Media commentators are regarding the new button as a manifestation of LinkedIn’s desires to branch out further into the common web, and to not be so circumscribed to the boundaries of its own website.

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