LinkedIn Adds CEO as First Outside Board Member

Reuters reported on Thursday that LinkedIn has added its first independent member to its board of directors. According to a LinkedIn spokesperson, former Skip Battle has joined the company’s board of director. Battle, 66, was CEO of from 2001 to 2005. He also sits on several other boards of directors at major technology companies, including Netflix, Expedia and Open Table.

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner said that Battle is one of several outside board members the company hopes to bring in to help provide additional guidance as the career-oriented social media site looks to expand internationally and with new product offerings in the next few years. Weiner and company founder Reid Hoffman currently sit on the board along with two original investors.

However, Weiner added that Battle joining the board should not be taken as a sign that LinkedIn is ready to make a public offering. According to Weiner, the company still has all of its roughly $76 million initial funding from 2008 in the bank. LinkedIn currently has approximately 65 million members.

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