Kim Kardashian “Pimpin’” with Friends Draws Twitter Ire of Demi Moore

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that two celebrities are engaged in a Twitter war: all over the use of the word “pimp.” According to the report, Demi Moore and Kim Kardashian have exchanged a war of Tweets that started when Kardashian posted in a picture from a celebrity event that she was “Big pimpin’” with tennis champ Serena Williams, DJ La La Vazquez and singer Kelly Rowland.

It all seems harmless enough, but Moore took offense at the use of the word “pimp” and fired off a response to Kardashian’s Tweet that read “No disrespect I love a girls’ night out but a pimp and pimping is nothing more than a slave owner! If we want to end slavery we need to stop glorifying the ‘pimp’ culture.”

The two traded Tweets back and forth before agreeing to disagree on the subject. So keep this in mind when you Tweet — Demi Moore is watching you!

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