Kickstarter Doubles Million Dollar Milestone Celebration

Yesterday, the Champagne bottles were out at Kickstarter’s headquarters in New York. The popular crowd-funding site reached a big milestone twice on the same day: two projects it featured surpassed the one-million-dollar mark in funding. Elevation Dock was the first to do so and it was swiftly followed by Tim Schafer’s Double Fine project. In the latter, the project raised its one million dollars in less than twenty-four hours after first being introduced on the site. Kickstarter’s previous funding record was $942,579.

It’s possible that the flurry that Elevation Dock’s big funding created provided the extra oomph that set Double Fine’s funding into hyper-gear, but the fact of two massively (for Kickstarter) successful campaigns also underscores the site’s money-raising prowess. In other words, it was no fluke!

If you have an idea, take it to Kickstarter to raise funds from the online crowd. It hasn’t escaped media observers that a full ten percent of Sundance’s 2012 features received financial backing through Kickstarter. That means 17 films, including “Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry” and “Mosquita y Mari.”

Yesterday, the staff watched and celebrated as the magical numbers were reached and exceeded. The picture above was tweeted by the Kickstarter staff along with their good wishes to the two exceptional projects. Hats off!

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