Just in Time for the First Week of School, “The Big Lebowski” for Rent on Facebook

This post was at first going to be dedicated to the news that “Retweet” and “LOL” had just been added to the revered Oxford English Dictionary. However, even bigger news has surfaced in the social media fray: “The Big Lebowski” can now be rented directly from its Facebook page. That’s really no LOLing matter; the movie’s been available since last Thursday, to the glee of its approximately 950,000 adoring fans.

Benny Evangelista, from the beautifully foggy northern peninsula that the San Francisco Chronicle calls home, reports that although Universal Studios is not the first movie house to permit one of its films to stream through Facebook — Warner Bros. and Paramount have done just that multiple times before — it is the first to do so with the F-commerce app called “Social Theater.” That app comes courtesy of Milyoni Inc., which specializes in Facebook E-commerce platforms.

So, as California’s many French tourists are saying this time of year, combien?

It’ll cost you thirty Facebook Credits, the equivalent of three dollars, to rent the perennial college favorite for 48 hours. If, even as a self-proclaimed fan, you still need additional incentives to part with your Facebook Credits, well, you can also share a one-dollar-off coupon with five of your Facebook pals.

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