Jack Dorsey’s Heart Squarely in San Francisco

Jack Dorsey is famous for founding Twitter and for being its current chairman, but the developer extraordinaire is also the founder of Square, of which he is CEO. Clearly, this is a man who’s committed to the tech scene. But judging by a recent conversation the techy chieftain had with the Los Angeles Times, he’s also committed to the urban revitalization of the city he’s chosen to live in as an adult, San Francisco.


Dorsey is not just earmarking corporate donations for pet revitalization projects around town — he’s contributing with all he’s got: his business. Square is moving from the San Francisco Chronicle building to the tower-ly structure found at 1455 Market St. — a less-than-snazzy sector of the beautiful city by the Bay. The new location affords the space needed to house the deluge of new recruits: a jobs boom has created anticipated positions for about six-hundred new workers. At the moment Square employees 400 people.

In Dorsey’s own words:

“I’ve always lived in the most troubled part of a city, and I believe confronting the issues of a community on a daily basis helps one to better understand how to fix them … Awareness is the first step toward improvement.”

Above, a shot of Square’s new building.

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