Instagram is Verifying, Here’s How you Get It

Instagram announced an effort to simplify the verification feature that can help businesses earn trust. Now, the requirements for verification are well-defined. Also, the company will tell you whether you meet their standard.

To get started, you must determine if you’re eligible to become verified. If you don’t meet specific criteria, you most likely will not be awarded the blue badge of verification.

The only accounts that the site will verify are those that belong to public figures that are either “notable” or have celebrity status. International businesses and brands can also get verified.

The company will probably ignore you if you apply for verification without meeting those requirements. If you want to try, you can move forward by making an official verification request.

After logging into the site, visit your profile to access the “Settings” menu. Towards the bottom, you will see the “Request Verification” link. Afterward, you will be prompted to upload documents that confirm your identity.

When you upload your driver’s license, passport, utility bill, tax return, or articles of incorporation, they will appear somewhere on an internal server. in other words, they won’t be visible to other users.

During the final step, all you have to do is wait. After a while, the company will send you an update about the status of your request. If the social network denies you the honor of the blue verification badge, you can reapply after 30 days.

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