iClimber Victim of Attack by Turkish Cyber Terrorist

The iClimber Website was the victim of a cyber attack this week. The attack appears to be carried out by a hacker who goes by the Internet handle of “Ghost61” from the Turkish Website Turksec.info. iClimber was one of many Websites impacted by cyber terrorism directed at a server hosting several Armenian-themed pages, including Armenian.com, ArmeniaChat.com and ArmeniaSearch.com. The attacks appear to be related to the upcoming commemoration of the Armenian Genocide on April 24.

“Ghost61” recently was blamed for the hacking of more than 600 Swedish Websites after the country’s parliament passed a resolution recognizing the slaughter of more than 1.5 million Armenians by the Ottoman Empire in 1915. Several other Armenian-themed sites have also been the victim of cyber terrorism attacks since March 1, including the home page of the Armenian National Olympic Committee.

iClimber’s staff has worked diligently to repair damages caused by the attacks and take preventative steps to ensure future security.

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