How to Remove Negative Reviews on and Yelp

It happens to the best of businesses: an unhappy customer posts a negative review on the Internet about your product or service and it spreads faster than wildfire. Whether it is posted on a consumer complaint site such as or a local review site such as Yelp, negative reviews on the web can damage your online reputation and destroy your business. For many business owners, this is a horrible nightmare come true.

While businesses have had to deal with unhappy customers long before the advent of the Internet, the web adds insult to injury by keeping a permanent record of negative or unflattering content. Unfortunately, negative reviews on sites such as and Yelp are especially damaging because they appear prominently in search results.

So how does one remove negative reviews on sites like and Yelp? Is there such a service as Ripoff Report Removal Service? Or are businesses forever doomed with unflattering information on the web? The answer is not that simple. Unfortunately, there is no sure fire way to remove negative reviews or content from the web. But there is hope.

The solution to combating negative reviews on the Internet is through effective online reputation management. You cannot actually remove negative listings from these sites or from the search engines, but through a combination of SEO techniques and social media marketing strategies, you can suppress the negative information about your business.

Many of the strategies, including link building, social media marketing, and reputation monitoring, are designed to burry negative content by lifting positive content higher in search engine rankings. Submit Express, our parent company, offers businesses a variety of reputation management services, including the Ripoff Report Removal Service and Yelp Negative Review Repair service.

In addition, from our social media marketing services site iClimber, we offer social media profile creation service. Social media profiles have proven to be real powerfull in the search engines and often most company social profiles rank highly for their company names. The goal for you should be to own the Top 10 or even Top 20 results in the search enines for your company name. You should have control of all the sites listed in the Top 10, that way nobody can write anything negative about you and have it appear in the top 10. This is not an easy taks and it is best if you let professionals help you.

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