Harper Seven Beckham Makes Her Debut on Twitter

Yesterday, Harper Seven Beckham, daughter of Victoria and David Beckham, was introduced to the public through her mother’s Twitter account. Harper Seven was born on July 10th in Los Angeles, California. By personally releasing a photo of their newborn daughter, perhaps the Beckhams were attempting to assuage the paparazzi first-shot hunting season that Victoria would likely see herself in once she recuperated and began moving about town more freely. Of course, the Beckhams could simply be like everyone else — at least in the ways-of-using-social-media department — and be content to share the image of their family’s new addition to all their far-flung family and friends in one fell swoop.

Overall, it seems celebrities continue to embrace social networking for new and old ways of reaching out to the public. Where before a magazine cover might have been in order, personal photos of the child taken by each parent were shared on various social networking sites (Twitter just happened to have the scoop via the former Posh Spice).

In case anyone was still unaware of the fact, Victoria Beckham’s favorite novel is Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mocking Bird. The BBC is reporting that Harper Seven was named after the beloved American author.

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