Google+ Running a Pilot Program for Business Profiles

Christian Oestlien, a Google+ advertising lead, published a blog post yesterday giving notice of Google’s policy of temporarily “discouraging” businesses and “non-user entities” like teams, locations, or organizations from joining its new social network. The reasoning behind the unexpected stance is that Google is working on the construction of an “amazing Google+ experience for businesses” that will be completed before the year is over.

To that end Google will be operating a pilot program on Google+ with selected marketing partners. Acknowledging that the way “users communicate with each other is different from how they communicate with brands,” Oestlien said that Google wanted to “create an optimal experience for both.” In an appended video, he added that such an experience would include “rich analytics and the ability to connect [the Google+] identity to other parts of Google that businesses might use on a daily basis, like AdWords.”

In the meantime, Google will be taking down non-user profiles already up on Google+. While they wait for what’s coming, business and other entities not falling under the “user” category can go to to request inclusion in the pilot program.

It seems Google is finally figuring out how to express its new-found commitment to sociability in its products. Google+ is so far proving to be a big success, providing features comparable to Facebook’s and even many that improve on those of its much-touted rival.

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