George W. Bush Facebook Page Gets 62,000 Fans on First Day

Even though he might have left the White House as one of the least popular presidents in recent history, apparently George W. Bush still has plenty of online friends. The Daily Mail reports that Bush attracted 62,000 fans for his Facebook page in the first day of its launch. So far, the page has been updated twice, both times in the third person – indicating that someone other than Bush has written the updates.

That still hasn’t stopped people from signing up to be the former president’s friend. The vast majority of the comments on Bush’s Facebook page have been very supportive, such as one that read “You are a great man we miss you very much.” However, others have not been so kind – some people are clearly becoming “fans” just to rip him. One comment from a person doing this read that “I miss him like I miss smallpox.”

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