First Lady Michelle Obama Debuts Pinterest Page

First Lady Michelle Obama just joined Pinterest. Though the page is managed by the Obama 2012 campaign staff, a quick note explains that the First Lady’s personal posts and pins “are signed -mo.” In total, there are sixteen pins on the brand-new page. Though the President’s reelection campaign staff is also managing a Pinterest page for him, there’s no indication that President Obama himself is actually active on the burgeoning social network. Given his tremendous day job, it’s unlikely too many people will be kvetching about that.


Still, Michelle Obama’s personal involvement, even if limited, underscores a factoid about Pinterest that’s inevitably brought out whenever the site’s mentioned in conversation: the picture-focused social network is really popular among women.

In preparation for this November faceoff, Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann Romney, didn’t wait that long to launch her Pinterest page; she joined the site months ago and has so far accumulated 7,650 followers. Michelle Obama, a charismatic First Lady if there ever was one, has ratcheted up 9,250 followers on her thirteen-hour-old site. No one doubts that the pages belonging to the wives of the two men facing off in the November election are a bid to reach out to the female constituency.

Pinterest is the brainchild of Ben Silbermann and it was released in 2009. So far it’s been hailed as “one of the fastest growing” social networks around. Expect more men to join it soon.

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