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Digg This! 0.7

Digg This! 0.7 is Firefox add-on that Adds Digg This! to the right-click menu, Tools menu, and optionally the toolbar… The Digg This! extension speeds up the process of submitting stories to the news website digg.com

The best thing about it is that it lets you know of the story has been dugg. Otherwise there are better options out there. When you use it to “digg” a story you’re taken to the submission page but nothing is filled out four you. Unlike the “Digg This” extension (or various greasemonkey scripts) you have to fill out *everything* when submitting a link. But my biggest complaint is that you’re stuck with status bar placement. Right now I’ve got 7/8 of my statusbar filled with stuff from other extensions. I’d really like to be able to move this someplace else. Someplace that I could see it better. There is no option to do so. It’s statusbar or nothing. I’ve got so much on my statusbar right now that it’s original purpose is almost gone..

Digg Firefox Extension 0.7
The Digg Extension for Firefox provides a light and streamlined approach to staying connected to the latest popular content on Digg. Everything you need is placed under a Digg menu found at the top of the browser.

Current Page Details:

As you browse the Web, you can see whether or not the web page you are currently viewing has been submitted to Digg and, if not, it lets you submit it with just one click.

If the page has already been submitted to Digg, the extension displays:

* the current number of Diggs the page has
* the number of comments the story has
* the last 10 Diggers
* the 10 most popular comments
* the first sentence of the story description
* previous stories submitted to Digg from the same URL (if any exist)
* any other stories submitted to Digg from the same domain (if any exist).

Clicking any of these options opens the Digg story in a new tab.

Content Spotlight:

You’ll also find recent story submissions, recently popular stories, the top ten stories, and the hottest Upcoming stories. For each of these, the extension shows the Digg and comment count updated in real time. Clicking on any of these take you to the story in a new tab so you don’t lose track of your current page. Want to try something different? Click on the Random Story link to see a random story on Digg.

Follow Your Friends:

If you are logged into Digg when using the extension, the extension will show your friends latest Diggs, submissions, and comments.

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